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A Slice Fore Santa

A Slice Fore Santa


The Academy's yearly charity event


Four years ago, The Golf Academy of North Florida and New York Pizza partnered to create a charity to help Jacksonville area kids in need during Christmas.  Each year, they have given children a $100 shopping spree at a local retailer.


With the intention of serving more kids each year, A Slice Fore Santa has achieved the following numbers:


·        2014: 33 children served

·        2015: 47 children served

·        2016: 60 children served

         2017: 87 children served


The target for 2018 is to give 100 children an opportunity to have their Christmas wishes fulfilled.


The Golf Academy of North Florida, New York Pizza and its volunteers contribute their time and energy to make sure 100% of the proceeds go to the charity.   Money for this charity is earned in the following ways:


1.     Individual Donations

2.     A Slice Fore Santa T-shirt Sale (all profits go to the charity)

3.     Car Wash at New York Pizza

4.     A Slice Fore Santa Night at New York Pizza (20% of sales are donated to charity)

5.     Golf Tournament at Magnolia Point Golf & Country Club


A Slice Fore Santa is here to help bring joy to all during the holiday season!

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