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FlightScope X2 Elite

FlightScope X2 Elite


We use the FlightScope X2 Elite as our Launch Monitor System.  This system allows us to use video analysis for every aspect of the student's golf game.


For more information:

FlightScope X2 Launch Monitor Using 3D Doppler radar, FlightScope is a recognized world leader in launch monitor technology. At THE Golf Academy of North Florida, instructors use the latest FlightScope X2 launch monitor to enhance student's learning and club fitting experience.


Employing three-dimensional club and ball tracking radar, FlightScope technology provides 27 measurements of ball and club head parameters, all in real time, allowing instructors at THE Golf Academy of North Florida to measure and record swing and ball flight data, including Ball Speed, Side Spin, Back Spin, Vertical and Horizontal Attack Angle and Club Face Angle and Face Rotation. Complete ball flight information, including trajectory and carry distance, is also measured and recorded, instantly allowing both student and instructor to completely analyze each and every shot. This information is invaluable in fitting the ideal clubs to each player in order to maximize each players abilities and potential. 

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