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Academy Caddying

At the Golf Academy of North Florida, we love to caddy for our students! Upon a parent or student's request, we will adjust our schedules to caddy as much as possible! There are many benefits for the students, parents, and instructors!

Benefits Students 

  • Professional tournament Golf advice

  • Our mentorship during tournaments is something our students can learn from and use in future tournaments

  • Potential tournament exposure

Benefits Parents

  • Takes the stress off and allows parents to enjoy watching their child play 

  • Allows parents to be Mom/Dad instead of "coach" or "teacher"

  • Great Learning Experience of how to interact with students in a tournament 

  • Chaperoning & Shuttling to/from tournament if parents schedule doesn't sync

Benefits Instructors

  • For us, it is very enjoyable to see the student's growth in the game 

  • It gives us the opportunity to provide "teachable moments"

  • It helps us grow the student/coach relationship 

  • Great mentoring opportunity for our older students caddying for younger students 

  • Helps student caddies with their own golf game and decision making

  • Helps instructor see what the student's strengths and weaknesses are under tournament pressure

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