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How Should a Player Divide Their Time Practicing?

This is such a tough question to answer, but here is a good guideline. As we all know, the short game is most important area of any players game. I think 50% of all practice hours need to be spent from 60 yards and in, including putting. This time is best spent working on the drills I have (or other Academy Coaches) given to my student to work on. Too many times players walk up to a putting green and throw down three balls and just start putting. That drives me crazy...haha. The other 50% can be divided up into two areas. First, work on your last lesson on full swing and repeating the drills we worked on until they become habit. Students need to be focused with this and have the understanding that some changes take more time than others, but keep working on it. It WILL pay off. Second, students need to play...and play a bunch! Learning how to handle on-course situations is so valuable in becoming a solid tournament player. The playing (and practicing) on the course will lower scores quickly.

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