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Lesson 2: It's all about the Spine Angles...

For lesson number two, we decided to switch things up a bit. Mike Trinley, another PGA professional at THE Golf Academy of North Florida, gave me my second lesson as a TGANF Student.

When I arrived on the course, I had the club in my hand, ready to begin. Before starting these lessons, a small panic would have arose inside me when Coach Mike asked me what I remember from my first lesson with Coach Dale.

I excitedly said the word, “GRASP,” as I thought the acronym was. Only it was “GASP” and Coach Mike busted out laughing. Even though I confidently blurted out the wrong word, everything was coming back to me.

From my recent practice session at TopGolf a few days prior where I demonstrated to my entire family how the pros taught me how to hold a golf club, I showed Coach Mike who gave a an approving look.

I swung a few practice swings, once only hitting the ball and the others doing a not-so graceful ballerina spin in the dewy grass. But that’s okay, because Coach Mike said the one of reasons I wasn’t successfully hitting the ball was because the angle of my spine was throwing off my swing.

By keeping my back aligned perfectly the entire time, it allowed my club head to make contact with the ball more consistently. Granted, the ball didn’t go very far and one time I swung almost nailed the boy in the Range Picker, but my golf swing is coming along now.

And who knows, maybe one day I’ll be giving Brandon Mancheno a run for his money.

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